Age Restricted Residential Development, Garfield, NJ

The project involves construction of a residential development in the City of Garfield, New Jersey. The project site encompasses an area of approximately 12.4 acres and is located within the Light Manufacturing Zoning District in the redevelopment zone.

The project is to construct 2 mid-rise condominium structures having a total count of about 120 residential units, 180 townhouse units, a pool/clubhouse, and various other amenities.

The project design includes locating and identifying the existing storm and sewer lines. Due to the close proximity of the Passaic River, researching and applying the state flood study to determine the impacts to the proposed development.

Other services include calculating waste, storm and potable water demands and the ability of the existing municipal and infrastructure to support the new development, site layout, grading, drainage, soil erosion and sediment control measures, storm water management, utilities, parking facilities and roadways.


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